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Live Streaming Sites

Sure, we can watch certain sporting events on TV, but obviously not all of them are going to be on the television. After all, why would a large channel (e.g. Sky Sports) show events that the vast majority of people are not going to care about. This is where live streaming sites come into play.

What are live streaming sites?

Live streaming sites do exactly what they say on the tin. They are going to automatically stream certain events for people to see. You should not expect to see major events being streamed on these sites. It is more going to be small events from some of the lower leagues.

Basically; the stuff that you are unlikely to ever see streamed on TV. A couple of years ago, an England match was streamed exclusively on live streaming sites, but big events didn’t really catch on like that as there is no real way for the betting companies to fund the high broadcast rights and still make a little bit of cash from the money that is being gambled there (margins are incredibly thin, believe it or not!)

Remember; this is for betting sites only. While we have absolutely no doubt that there are other streaming sites out there, the chances of them actually being legal are close to zero. Basically; if you are not watching an event on your TV or through a betting company, chances are that the event is not going to be streamed legit.

Why live streaming sites?

Obviously, the main reason why you are going to be heading to live streaming sites is so that you can have a little bit of a bet on whatever event you are watching. We know that there are a lot of people out there who like to engage in a bit of live betting on occasion and having an actual video stream of what you are watching is going to be making the experience a whole lot better for you.

So, the main reason why you are heading to these sites is to watch the event. We are sure that you all have a little inkling about what live betting actually is. If you don’t, then boy are you going to be in for something special.

With live betting, you are going to be able to bet while the event is in play. This means that you are going to be able to analyse whatever is happening on the field and work out what the right bet is going to be for you. It is going to be a lot more tactical than if you were deciding to bet before the event.

Obviously, if you are going to be watching the event live, you are going to be able to have a far greater overview than if you were listening on the radio or just being able to see the odds updated on the screen. 

What makes good live streaming sites?

This is a pretty big question. Obviously, the main things that you are going to be on the hunt for are the same things that you are going to be looking for with any other betting site. This means:

Looking for the best live streaming sites?

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