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New Online Betting Sites

If you have read the main page to our website, you will know that we absolutely recommend new betting sites in the UK. If you haven’t read our main page (or even if you have!), we are going to tell you exactly why we love them on this page. We are just that nice to you!

New Online Betting Sites For September 2020

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Aren’t new betting sites risky?

You would think so, but no. As long as you do some due diligence, then gambling at a new betting site is no more risky than gambling at a more established site. What you need to remember is that each site in the United Kingdom, if they offer gambling services, needs to be licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. If they do not have a licence in place, they are not legally allowed to offer gambling.

If they have a licence in place, then you can be sure that the company has had to jump through hoops to offer their services to the world. They are not going to do anything which causes issues (i.e. they are not going to scam you) Basically; no licence is bad. Having a licence is good.

Better Gambling Experience

Before we start getting into the bits and pieces about the actual parts that can make you money, we want to point out that the gambling experience tends to be a whole lot better when it comes to new betting sites.

We don’t know if you are a keen businessman or anything like that, but if you are, you will know that customers hate change. They loathe it. If you try to change something, then you can guarantee that customers are going to bleat about how you betrayed them, or something like that. The benefit of new betting sites is that there isn’t really anybody that can feel betrayed. This means that new betting sites can take new technology into account.

We have seen plenty of older, more established sites which are somewhat stuck in the past with the way they build their site. The layout doesn’t change. Their mobile site barely functions. Things like that. They all combine to make the gambling experience less than stellar.

New betting sites do not need to worry about this. They keep with thigns that "work" such as an easy layout, live streaming options, live betting options,but you will also find that many sites are opting to offer more than just  betting. new online betting sites offer casino games, new slots, online poker options, sometimes even bingo options, esports betting 0 the list goes on. They're really becomming "all rounder" gambling sites. You can expect a brilliant gambling experience. Particularly if you play on mobile devices. Sure, the site is probably going to end up being a bit old eventually, but not for the foreseeable future.

Better Gambling Bonuses

The problem with launching a new betting site is the fact that you can’t really do anything that helps you stand out from the crowd as you don’t have that much money at your disposal. You have one or two options. One of these is to offer brilliant customer service, but everybody and their dog is doing that nowadays.

The second is to offer fantastic betting bonuses. That is what these sites do. Better and better gambling bonuses. If you want a fantastic bonus (yes, we said that word a lot), then new betting sites are going to be the route to go down.

Better Odds

This is where the good sites are separated from the bad sites. Because new betting sites have fewer overheads, they are able to offer far, far better odds on the events that they are running. They also use them as a way in which to try and attract people to the site.

Obviously, due to the way in which betting works you can’t always guarantee that you are going to get the best odds on a site that you head to, but you will find that the odds are ‘right’ the vast majority of the time…and that is all that really counts, right?

Looking for the best new betting sites?

We know that there are a lot of new betting sites out there, and it is unlikely that you have the time to search through all of them. You will be pleased to know that you do not have to. Our team here have done all the hard work for you. You have two options. You can either read through our reviews of new betting sites above and see whether there is one that tickles your fancy, or you can check out one or two of the sites below. It all ends the same; you will be gambling somewhere that is more awesome than marmite on toast in the morning (unless you hate marmite, we guess?)

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